I’m very aggressive with my kids. With all the crap this is going around my kids have been able to stay healthy and vibrant on this protocol.

Catalyn Chewable
Fantastic multivitamin mineral support, our food is dead so take a concentrated form that includes minerals, minerals govern what vitamins do.

Congaplex Chewable
Tremendous immune support for the kids, keep their immune systems primed.

Cod Liver Oil
Good source of vitamins A & D as well as good immune support. My kids chew them like candy. This is also great for brain and neurological support.

Children’s Immune
Helps support a healthy gut and is a good source of immune supporting nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, and colostrum.

150 million spores that are guaranteed to be there for the shelf life of the product. Tastes great and helps support a healthy, diverse microbiome.

I do have a simple version of this protocol located here.

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