Following the Energy to Effective Healing

The Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) allows me to communicate with the energy field of the body, identify challenges the body is facing, and determine what it needs to overcome those challenges. The challenge could be an immune-related problem, a toxin the body is holding on to, or a deficiency of foundational nutrition. MFT helps identify your highest priority challenge as well as the correct solution to neutralize the problem energies.

I not only listen to what you have to say—I listen to what your body is communicating. The body is a master at communication. When asked the right questions at the right time, and the proper tools are used to listen to the answer, the results are profound.

Torus Energy Shape


During your appointment, I identify problem energies and neutralize them with solution energies in the form of professional-grade herbal, nutritional, or homeopathic remedies. I then follow the energy to create a protocol custom-designed to your needs.

Finally, at the end of every appointment, we perform a technique called the Emotional Unwind Experience (EUE) to help the body release stored and stuck emotions.

The combination of dietary, nutritional, detoxification, immune, and emotional support gives you a multi-pronged approach to health and wellness with broader effectiveness.

MFT in Action

Watch Dr. Frank Springbob, the creator of the MFT, demonstrate the Morphogenic Field Technique:


Making a Difference for My Clients

I had been struggling with inflammation issues for over 15 years with little to no help from traditional healthcare, and I was told over and over that everything was fine. When I experienced my worst inflammatory episode to date this Spring, I was referred to Brian and quickly found answers (in a matter of minutes once getting started with my first session). With some supplementation and temporary diet changes, I was noticing significant improvement in my joint pain in a few short weeks, and continued improvement overall with the weeks to follow. His technique leaves me speechless every time while giving direction and understanding in my healing journey piece by piece.

-- BRI

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