Unblock Your Body to Unlock Better Health

Emotions play a vital role in our overall health and wellness. When the body holds onto emotions, the emotional energy can create blockages throughout the body. These blockages often manifest as physical symptoms, and these symptoms are seldom—if ever—alleviated with medication, supplements, or dietary changes.

Using the Emotional Unwind Experience (EUE) technique, I can assist your body in releasing stored and stuck emotions and enhance your body’s ability to heal.



Neuropeptides are the chemical messengers of emotions. Whenever we feel a flood of emotion, that sensation is the result of neuropeptides rushing from a specific organ to the brain. The EUE specifically addresses neuropeptides and the affected organ. Often, the organ we find to be affected by emotions has physical symptoms.

For instance, if the emotion(s) that show up are centered around the thyroid, it’s not uncommon for clients to have physical symptoms relating to that organ – such as fatigue, depression, cold extremities, and weight gain to name a few.


There are 30 core emotions and 60 support emotions that we test, and each emotion originates in a specific organ in the body. During an EUE session, we will test to see which is a priority for your body to release.

Using the EUE test kit and its bio resonators (bronze coins in the photo), I’ll clear the emotions from the affected organ.

View the emotions tied to specific organs below.

EUE testing kit

A Closer Look at EUE

Dr. Frank Springbob, creator of the MFT, discusses The Emotional Unwind Experience

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