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Moselle Natural Health is your family’s full-spectrum health and wellness partner, guiding you through everything from daily all-natural supplementation to complex health issues. As a certified functional medicine and certified nutrition therapy practitioner, I integrate the best practices of various health and nutrition disciplines to significantly impact and improve your broader health picture—from addressing today’s concerns, getting ahead of disease before it starts, heading off ailments if early signs appear, and maintaining health once it’s achieved.

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From issues ranging from the common to the complex, we’ll develop a detailed understanding of your specific genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors and personalize a plan to vastly improve—and maintain—your health and wellness.


Sophisticated, efficient communication with your body’s energy field will help determine the need for dietary modifications, supplementation, detoxification and/or immune support, and stored emotions that need to be cleared.


The emotional unwind experience is an elegant, effective way to identify any stored or stuck emotions the body wants to release, and it leaves clients feeling grounded, more centered, and with a renewed connection to self.


I practice intelligent supplementation by only recommending the supplements you need, when you need them. I exclusively use world-class, practitioner-only nutraceuticals that deliver 100% whole food nutrients to you in a highly bioavailable form.

The body is a self-correcting, healing machine. Together we will unlock that ability and enable your body to realize its full potential.

Making a Difference for My Clients

I was having TERRIBLE heartburn being 7 months pregnant. I couldn’t eat anything other than cereal for dinner for a week or I would be up all night in pain. I was taking Gaviscon to try to help the pain which did take the edge off. My husband reached out to Brian and got me Gastrex to take before every meal! Once I started taking that, the acid I was feeling in my throat instantly went away! I was able to sleep through the night without waking up with the burning feeling in my chest! Now, over a week later, it is about 95% gone!! Still get it a little after I eat just due to the baby sitting so high in my abdomen. I feel so much better now taking an all natural product especially being pregnant! No more heartburn with an all natural remedy! Thanks Brian!!


Brian has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to learn from. One of his best sayings I’m come to truly believe about him is “No Judgment, just facts”. No matter how good or bad your situation is, he doesn’t change. He just appreciates your time and energy in wanting to talk with him to see about possible ways to make healthier changes to your livelihood. Keep up the great work Brian!


I discovered Moselle Natural through Instagram. I live in northern Michigan, so I have never physically been to the office. But, I love supporting small businesses, especially for my health. I order supplements from Moselle Natural. The prices are either comparable to other places, but many times even a few bucks cheaper!! The supplements always arrive packaged nicely and also in a quick and timely manner. If there is ever an out of stock item, Dr. Brian gets right on it, and what do you know?!?! The supplements are at my door! Dr. Brian is always eager and helpful in answering questions, even though I am not a regular patient of his. Thank you Dr. Brian!!!


“Brian has helped me find the right formula to make me a healthier and happier individual. I was struggling with some health issues and could not lose weight. He worked with me one on one to make achievable goals and what worked for me. 100% recommend!”


I used to try to study and find all my own natural remedies and resources. With a huge family and being a working mom, I am not afforded the time to do that as much as I would like. I have 100% confidence I can come to Brian and get a complete diagnosis and then rely on the research he’s done to find ways to bring our health back around to normal. I am so thankful for him as a resource and our family’s health has improved with following his seasonal protocols. His suggestions for my Mom, that just had a stroke were spot on, with regards to supplementation. We are so proud to have Brian on our team for better health!


Brian is wonderful to work with! He is my first call for consultation and advice on supplements and health and wellness questions. He listens, he recommends, he follows up. Brian is constantly educating himself to stay up to date on new methods and information to provide the utmost in service to his clients. Don’t hesitate to call on him! You will be so glad you did!


Brian’s guidance has been instrumental in my journey to being and feeling healthier. He a good listener and communicator and has helped me feel better than I thought possible by educating me and guiding me through short term and long term goals. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a trustworthy person to answer your questions and help guide you to a healthier life.


Brian is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about people’s health and helps people to get optimal wellness with an individualized plan. Our son got AMAZING results! I highly recommend Brian.


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