Our overall health and wellness largely depends on the population & diversity of the bacteria not only in our gut, but in our lower GI tract.  While traditional probiotics can be beneficial, spore based probiotics take probiotics to another level.

I’m proud to offer Microbiome Labs products in my office, their MegaSporeBiotic is the gold standard when it comes to spore based probiotics.  A couple of key differences between traditional probiotics and spore based probiotics are:

-Traditional probiotics have a lifespan of about 4-7 days and spore probiotics have a lifespan of about 3 weeks

-Traditional probiotics can have a hard time surviving the harsh, acidic conditions of your stomach and GI tract and spore based probiotics are more resilient and are more effective at surviving acidic conditions.

MegaSporeBiotic is recommended for people over 5, however, there is a gummy option that is perfect for kids.  For those looking to be more aggressive with reconditioning their gut I would recommend the total gut restoration product – all 3 of these can be found below.

Feed and grow the beneficial bacteria in your gut and GI tract and enjoy the benefits – thanks for reading!