Digestion starts before you even put food in your mouth. When you think of or smell your favorite food your salivary glands start secreting, you guessed it, saliva! Saliva helps you break down the food your put in your mouth, and it also contains amylase, which is a carbohydrate digesting enzyme.

Thoroughly chewing your food is an often overlooked aspect of improving digestion. On average, we should chew our food 30-40 times before swallowing it, it should be like a slurry when it enters our stomach. From there, our stomach acid starts to break down our food even further, prepping it for nutrient assimilation in the small intestine and then waste elimination in the colon.

This digestion support protocol is highly effective. Suck on 1 DiGest Forte 15 minutes before your meals to get your gastric juices flowing. In the middle of or right after your meal take 2 Zypan to help breakdown your food more effectively. Simple.

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