One of the most common reasons people develop leaky gut and/or intestinal permeability is because the mucosal layer of their GI tract has broken down. You see, our GI tract SHOULD be a closed system from mouth to rectum.

We have become saturated with chemicals that break down our mucosal layer, with the #1 culprit being round up (glyphosate). Wheat is another problematic food that increases our production of zonulin, which is a hormone that governs our tight junctions in our extremely thin stomach lining (it’s barely 1 cell thick).

MegaMucosa, with consistent use, can repair our mucosal layer up to 60% after just one month of use, which is incredible. Reducing our chemical exposure to round up by eating organic food as well as avoiding wheat as much possible, coupled with MegaMucosa will go a long way towards repairing leaky gut and intestinal permeability.

Want to know if you have intestinal permeability or leaky gut? The Gut Zoomer and Wheat Zoomer tests are the most comprehensive gut tests on the planet. The Gut Zoomer test will show your propensity for leaky gut and the Wheat Zoomer test will show your propensity for leaky gut, they are phenomenal tests. Time after time clients will tell me they have no problem with wheat, well, the Wheat Zoomer tests shows them otherwise. To this day, EVERYONE that has done the Wheat Zoomer test has been shown it is a major problem for them.

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