Since our amazing bodies are constantly creating new cells, and it’s estimated we have a brand new body of cells every 7-10 years, wouldn’t it make sense to support the creation of healthy cells?

This is why I take Cellular Vitality every day. I take 2 with my first meal of the day and 2 with the last meal of the day. Not only does this help with the healthy formation of new cells but it also works to protect your cells from free radical damage.

Dr. Randy Tent taught me that if the fruit of the plant is nutrient dense, and the sprout of the plant is even more nutrient dense, think about how nutrient dense the seeds must be?


Cellular Vitality has a multi-seed mixture that contains the blueprint for what the plant is to become, and it’s easy to get the benefits of those blueprints with this supplement.

Support your natural cellular processes with Cellular Vitality from Moselle Natural Health!