Test – Don’t Guess!

Start the new year off by gaining more insight into your health and wellness. The micronutrient test from Moselle Natural Health is a phenomenal way to see how well you are nourishing yourself. This test measures micronutrient levels in your blood as well as your white and red blood cells. Blood levels are more acute, short term measurements. White blood cells offer about a 2 week snapshot and red blood cells offer about 120 day look at how well nutrients are getting into your cells, which is where you want them!

Our cells become the muscles we are trying to strengthen, they become our brain cells we are hoping to keep healthy, the bottom line is – our cells become US! Getting a micronutrient test will help you plan your meals more effectively and it makes for more targeted, intelligent supplementation.

Give yourself the gift of knowledge with a micronutrient test. Please reach out to me for me information about this test or visit the lab services section of my website, which is located here:

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