Improve Your Sleep Without Supplementation Or Medication!


Nearly everyone I talk to today is dealing with impaired sleep.  Now, as someone with two young kids it sort of goes without saying that my wife and I will be battling sleep issues for quite some time!  While that may certainly be the case that doesn’t mean the sleep we do get can’t be restful and restorative.

I decided to ditch sleep aids altogether a few months ago.  Even though they worked and they didn’t contain melatonin (which is something our bodies should produce on it’s own) I wanted to see how my body would respond.

As fate would have it, shortly after I stopped the supplements, I listened to a podcast called AlfaCast and their guest was Justin Frandson from  The title of the episode was “EMF Dangers and Protection.”  EMF (electro and magnetic fields) are something that affect us in different ways but since our brains are electrical it’s important to minimize our exposure to EMFs.  Here is a link to the episode if you want to listen to it, I highly recommend that you do!

Some common ways we get exposed to EMFs are through WiFi routers, cell phones, tablets, TVs (most smart TVs have WiFi on and if they aren’t connected to WiFi they are constantly scanning for a network to connect to), smart appliances , baby monitors, and smart meters.

I spoke with Justin Frandson about a month ago and purchased a few bags of his deep sleep grounding bags.  These bags support you in a number of ways, most notably they help protect you from the negative effects of EMFs by creating a faraday cage around you.  Simply put, a Faraday cage shields you from electromagnetic fields.

The results I, and my wife and clients have experienced, are incredible.  My wife and I experienced a couple of restless nights, which are normal and are part of detoxification from exposure to EMFs, we started getting deep, restful sleep coupled with incredibly vivid dreams.  The dreams I’ve been having have felt like I am an actor in a movie, I feel fully aware of my surroundings and they seem to last hours rather than just a few minutes.

Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your day to help mitigate EMFs:

  • Unplug your WiFi router at night and only plug it in when you need it
  • Hardwire your internet connections wherever possible
  • Do not sleep with your cellphone by your bed but if you use it as an alarm clock make sure you put it in airplane mode
  • Walk barefoot on the ground as much as possible
  • Use the EMF bags – simply put them under your bed

Moselle Natural Health carries a number of products to help shield you from the EMFs you are exposed to every day.  I carry stickers you can put on the back of your smart phones that harmonize and neutralize 99% of the harmful radiation cell phones emit.  I also carry stickers for larger devices, such as WiFi routers and smart appliances that do the same as the cell phone stickers but for larger devices.  I also wear a pendant every day to add further protection.

I’ve included a few of those products below, if you want to see all the products I carry to help protect you and your family, please visit the EMF Protection section of my online store, located here.

Thanks for reading everyone – I hope you have a wonderful day!