All lab tests include a follow up appointment with me to go over the results, provide my analysis, and make recommendations based on the test.

My #1 recommended lab test is the Micronutrient Test. Why is this test so important?

  • It measures not only extracellular levels but also intracellular nutrient levels
  • It shows short term nutritional status (past few days)
  • It shows long term nutritional status (roughly 3-4 months)
  • It shows your omega 3 to omega 6 ratio
  • It can help identify deficiencies of key nutrients
  • It can show if you are over supplementing, which can lead to toxicity
  • Allows for targeted, intelligent supplementation
  • It can show potential absorption issues

The bottom line is this, test, don’t guess! Knowing your intracellular and extracellular levels is foundational to your health. I have had dozens and dozens of clients bring bags of supplements in asking if they should be taking them. I ask if they’ve been tested for micronutrient levels and the answer is almost always no.

Test, don’t guess!

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