MULTI SOMAPLEX is a combination of ionized trace elements to provide wide-spectrum cellular support.

Bismuth as Bismuth nitrate
Manganese as Manganese sulfate
Cobalt as Cobaltous sulfate
Potassium as Potassium gluconate
Copper as Cupric gluconate
Magnesium as Magnesium gluconate
Iodine as Potassium iodide
Silver as Silver nitrate
Selenium as Selenious acid
Gold as Sodium tetrachloroaurate
Phosphorus as Phosphoric acid
Zinc as Zinc sulfate
Nickel as Nickel sulfate
Molybdenum as Molybdophosphoric acid
Bromine as Potassium bromide
Chromium as Chromic chloride
Sulfur as Sulfuric acid
Vanadium as Vanadium trichloride

30 drops on the tongue, in water, or rubbed onto the inside of the elbow, two to three times daily before or between meals.
Half or less of the adult amount.