Supports the function of the lymphatic system.

Key Ingredient
Scrophularia nodosa – Enlarged lymph glands

Accompanying Ingredients
Echinacea angustifolia 1x – Septic conditions: generally lymphatic, inflammation
Abrotanum 3x – Furuncles, hard lumps in abdomen
Petroleum 3x – Fatigue, vaginal discharge, cystic breast
Aloe socotrina 1x – Swollen lymph nodes (abdominal area)
Mercurius solubilis 12x – Lymphatic conditions, sore throat
Crotalus horridus 10x – Lymphangitis and septicemia
Thuja occidentalis 10x – Chronic catarrh, chronic diarrhea, glandular pain
Lachesis mutus 8x – Chronic sore throat, fever
Aristolochia clematitis 6x – Urogenital infections

Suggested Use
30 drops in pure water three times daily. In acute stages, 50 drops at once followed by 30 drops four times daily.
5 to 10 drops in fluid three times daily. Can be taken more frequently in acute cases.