To drive healing, you have to properly fuel the body.

Providing the body with nutrient dense food is the foundation upon which we will build true health and wellness. My nutrition therapy certification is the bedrock of my practice, as it helps me effectively use food as the primary mechanism of healing—whether through dietary modifications, intelligent whole food supplementation or a combination of both.

I’ll help you explore seen and unseen issues, and provide you the best available information and guidance toward making more informed decisions for yourself and your family.

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Supplementation is great for correcting acute deficiencies and for supporting the body while we investigate the source of the deficiency. (While you may be deficient in a nutrient, it doesn’t mean you need to supplement with that nutrient.) I’ll discover what is creating the deficiency and work with you and your body to remove the cause.


Educating clients and providing proven strategies are some of the most valuable services I provide. Since I am not with you 24/7, I can help you make the most informed decisions possible when you and your family are making choices about what to think and eat.

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Food allergy testing is a tremendous way to identify your food “blind spots.” I can measure your immune and inflammatory response to 190 different foods and two different forms of yeast. Many clients are pleasantly surprised at their results and find the test invaluable because the information can be acted on immediately.

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Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and that in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals—but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.

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